Business book provides readers with clear understanding of complex corporate governance policies for information technology, security, legal and compliance issues.

Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified” by Michael D. Peters introduces the issues with professional technology and corporate information governance leveraging international standards
The Holistic Operational Rediness Security Evaluation

"Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified" by Michael D. Peters

Michael D. Peters creates a solution for uniting the inaccessible security audit and compliance methodologies facing corporations in “The Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation: HORSE Project Series: Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified” (ISBN 1468063871).

Peters’ book expertly explains how to comprehend the security governance documents ranging from a corporate charter to policies and standards. He gives readers access to design, ratification, implementation and maintenance of corporate security program policies in an easy-to-understand manner. Peters believes understanding the inner workings of today’s businesses and organizations from a governance standpoint will be vital to readers.

“This is a topic that we see in the news everywhere we look,” Peters says. “Information security breaches and corporate fraud seems to be running rampant; helping corporations get ahead of the problem is what the HORSE Project and this book is all about.”

He hopes that educating readers on corporate governance policies and procedures will make them more aware of what is going on in their organization and be in a position to better secure it. The companion website to this book has been running since 2005 and has been very globally successful. This is Peters’ first volume out of several that will continue to speak on this subject and educate readers about this problem.

Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified” ” is available for sale online at, B&N and other channels including the author's website.

About the Author: Michael D. Peters has been an independent information security consultant, executive, researcher, author, and catalyst with many years of information technology and business leadership experience. He has been referred to as the “Michelangelo of Security”. Michael’s current and previous executive positions include Chief Security Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and advising Chief Information Officer.

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