Retail Execs – Social Media: The Argument For and Against!

An interesting discussion was initiated on the Retail Execs group concerning social media and business value. I couldn’t resist jumping into the fray with this comment: “Paradigm shifts always make a segment of the population uncomfortable. This resistance to change intrigues me. Every advancement collectively we make in thought, in process, in technology, in… Read More

Weekly Digest for June 17th

mdpeters New blog post: Weekly Digest for June 10th [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Blog Updates Weekly Digest for June 10th – mdpeters Blog Updates The not-so-funny thing about passwords There is an… [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – 9 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Blog Updates Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of… Read More

Spin cycle

Social media has provided the conduit for any single human to broadcast any message potentially towards a global audience. Within the average twenty-four hour mainstream media cycle, the amateur media cycle occurs exponentially more rapidly. This kinetic potential encompasses the electronic globe in seconds. It has nothing to do with some technical savvy or ability… Read More