Daily Digest for July 8th

mdpeters: Criminal Law, Bad Checks and Receiving Stolen Property; Contracts, Delegation of Contract Duties; Torts, Nuisance; miles to go till I sleep. [#] — 1:55am via Twitter Feed mdpeters: New blog post: Laws of Power – 16 https://michaelpeters.org/?p=633 [#] — 10:08am via Twitter Feed

Daily Digest for June 19th

mdpeters: Review of criminal law substantive review—Non-Homicide Crimes; Theft Crimes; Structure Crimes. Preparing for first year final exams. [#] — 12:27am via Twitter Feed mdpeters: New blog post: Social Networks and Social Engineering https://michaelpeters.org/?p=575 [#] — 12:45am via Twitter Feed mdpeters: Review of: Contracts – Assignment of Contract Rights. [#] — 10:27am via Twitter Feed… Read More