2014 Phoenix Security & Audit Conference

I’m looking forward to presenting The Death of Privacy: A Tale of Collusion and Corruption at the 2014 Phoenix Security & Audit Conference.

In our technically advancing world, our personal privacy expectations must be reconsidered, re-conceived and redefined. We all expose ourselves through swipes, transactions, likes and tweets. Through handsets, television sets and mindsets, we voluntarily add our behavioral attributes to the associated handlers of our digital DNA almost entirely without consideration for personal privacy. We will review together the corrupt forces that colluded and conspire against us and well as the corruption and what, if anything can be done about it.

The third annual Phoenix Security and Audit Conference (#PHXSAC) is the must-attend local conference for Phoenix security, audit, and privacy professionals. Three professional organizations are partnering as hosts – ISSA, ISACA, and IIA, combining a total membership count of over 1,600.

I hope to see you there!

The PDF version of the presentation is here: Michael Peters (2014). The Death of Privacy: A Tale of Collusion and Corruption. Presenting at the 2014 Phoenix Security & Audit Conference, Phoenix, Arizona USA.