An arms race by any other name …

As I listen to the debates and gnashing of teeth over health care, I pause to ponder and wander while I wonder, isn’t this conundrum essentially an arms race between insurance companies and health care providers? As consumers, we are the innocent and complacent collateral damage between warring factions. The insurance companies look at the health care practitioner and see or perceive the profit in that market, so they raise premiums and reduce payouts for the consumer and the medical practitioner. The reduction in profit and increase in insurance risk prompts an escalation in rates charged by the medical practitioner to bring back the profit margin. Obviously, in the end, the consumer suffers the most. These greed driven scenarios eventually over extend themselves and collapse bringing a certain extended amount of anarchy until the system finds equilibrium once again. You can always count on greed and it is very predictable in the path it wants to go if we allow it.

I know I’ve wandered from technology, however, I’m affected by this just like you are.

Any thoughts?