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“A man loses contact with reality if he is not surrounded by his books.” – Franois Maurice Mitterrand

I am not certain when Mitterrand made that statement, but it may have very well been in my lifetime since he died in 1996. In our current age of digital books, Nooks and Kindles, reality television and social networking, the globalization of information, most of which has no peer review, do you think we have lost contact with reality or are we exposed to more of it? Let’s face facts for a moment; when the average human IQ is 100, the current global population of 6,948,247,385 and an estimates growth increase of 1.3% predominantly in so called third world countries, the mundane is quickly outpacing the exceptional.

I’ve decided to bring the notion into a more modern context.

“A human loses contact with reality if he or she is not surrounded by validated information.” Michael D. Peters

The human mind escapes reality through fictional books, soap-operas, reality television and social networking. A bit of escapism goes a long way towards entertaining idle minds and soothing restless souls but, too much escapism rips us away from reality and productivity. Both facets are essential towards progressive human evolution. Not doing so I fear sends us towards a certain de-evolution.

My source for population data is here: Human Populations