Security Overlooked: Domain Name Service (DNS)

Did you know that the humble Domain Name Service (DNS) that you manage can be utilized in the detection of breaches, intrusions and malware infections within your organization? It’s true!

The Domain Name Service is a foundational service used to access the Internet, so control of DNS equates to control of Internet traffic within the networks under your management. When you establish the centralized command and control of outbound DNS requests that are attempting to access known malicious domains, botnets, spyware, spoofed anti-virus and other nasty diversions, you can control the flow and mitigate these known, and also unknown, communication attempts reducing risks to your organization.

You are in effect, protecting your internal users from themselves in some cases and from the plethora of DNS poisoning and manipulating criminal elements out there. Implementation is very inexpensive and easy to maintain. It is very effective and very scalable to virtually any organization.

Take command of your  Domain Name Service (DNS) and raise the bar for security by implementing this best practice recommendation. I’ve attached instructions for setting up your own DNS honeypot or sinkhole..

Stay secure my friends!

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