Did you know that there are only four types of cyber security incidents?

My career has been devoted to both the art and the science behind information security.

When I speak of the science, I am referring to the technology and the process we immerse ourselves into as we set about securing our organizations we are charged with protecting.

Blurred Winding Road Sign

When I speak about the art, I am referring to the more esoteric and creative process of creating elegant security solutions to our information security challenges.

My desire is to share with you my information security philosophy and that it will leave you with a fresh perspective and many new resources at your disposal to leverage when mastering the information security challenges you are faced with in your own environments.

The best way to achieve success in anything in life is to have a plan. My directional skills are terrible so I need navigational tools to get to my destination effectively and efficiently. The same rule applies to cyber security.

The best way to create an effective and efficient security program for your organizations is to create a roadmap. When considering what obstacles to cyber security exist, consider the simple fact that there are only four (4) distinct hazards to be concerned about.

They are:

  1. Malicious attacks by hackers and other outsiders
  2. Natural disasters
  3. Malfunction and unintentional human error
  4. Internal attacks by employees and other trusted entities

There has been a 27.5% increase in breaches in 2014 over the year prior which had an increase from the year prior which should be alarming to business.

Lazarus Alliance was founded with the singular mission to keep businesses and their customers from becoming a statistic the industry will talk about next year. While we only hear about the mega-breaches in the news, there are thousands of other companies breached each year and the sad thing is many don’t have a clue about it.

Our methodology, our proprietary tools, our internationally recognized and awarded leadership and our passion to prevent you from being on next year’s breach report is why we are able to eliminate about 96% of all breach potential to your company.

Lazarus Alliance is proactive cyber security.