Hello World

Anyone who understands software development, understands the significance of those two words. I’ve been on hiatus it seems from blogging. Not by choice really, but due to an ISP induced hiatus. Don’t get me started on how agitated I am about my new service provider AT&T. Whoops! I said it. In a nutshell, it turns out there is only one service provider for business class Internet in my neighborhood. I didn’t think that I lived in the boonies, just a relatively new neighborhood. Well, AT&T apparently thinks it is good business to sell you services they don’t actually have capacity to provide and then push your installation dates out while they build it. In my case, it was four months from contract signing to installation before my circuit came up. I’ve been offline for three months. I’ll keep those four letter expletives to myself. I might also suggest that going from a 30/2 MB connection to a 6/.5 MB connection is sooooooooo anti-climactic, it’s not even funny and I am praying to the invisible friends that an alternative comes to my slice of the world soon.