Juris Doctor 112 of 161

Finals for year two are upon me. I must admit that I am more than ready for not only the school year to come to a close, but to be finished with the entire program, would be a welcome reprieve from having my nose in the text books for the last thirty-five years. There is this overwhelming desire to pursue other more artistic interests and not have to allocate large chunks of time towards academics. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed these classes almost entirely with the exception of maybe Constitution Law which is too much like sitting in our High School History classes for me and hands down, those accounting classes I survived during the MBA program. I only had to pick up the book and I instantaneously wanted to take a nap. While I was enlisted in the Air Force, I was introduced to the expression “Short Timers Syndrome”  which was an amusing description of the effect that approaching the end of your enlistment commitment had on the person. They would have significant motivation problems and a serious case of wanderlust. As I reflect a bit, I’ll be entering the third and final year of my law program and I now think that I am suffering, albeit prematurely, Short Timers Syndrome. The saving grace for me is that most of the seven classes that remain will be very technology in law focused which always piques my interest. I suppose I should cut myself some slack too, after-all, if I rationalize that this case of Short Timers Syndrome is not really in perspective with my doctoral program, but more in perspective with Kindergarden until the completion of a doctorate, it’s not too premature maybe? Deep breath … almost there.