Juris Doctor 113 of 161

Back in the saddle for my final year of law school. Aside from being the last year which brings it’s own ray of sunshine with it, I am actually really looking forward to the subjects. This year will focus on more subject matter that I find naturally appealing.

For example,

  1. Legal Analysis and Writing
  2. Legal Research
  3. Intellectual Property
  4. Ethics and the Legal Environment
  5. Cyberlaw
  6. Cross Professional Ethics
  7. Managing Technical Innovation

All of these tap into my organic craving to write, to manage technical security teams, interface with law enforcement, cultivate technical solutions, hunting and gathering information, and protecting people from predators.

There is always something more to do, more to achieve, more to share. I’ve heard the expression, “The more I have, the more I need.” While there is a kernel of truth, I do not agree that you could possess too much knowledge. People generally make better decisions when they are enlightened. There is something really scary about ignorance.