Juris Doctor 144 of 161: The End is Near

The final push has arrived. The last remaining months before graduation. December will be here soon enough, but not soon enough for this student of law. I’m at the point where every class and every chapter takes a huge effort to drag myself through it. It really has little to do with law and everything to do with the normal cycle of human response to challenge. I’ll muster the interest and ambition to sprint towards the finish line. I’ll be so relieved when that day arrives. It will be a paradigm shift for me and there will no doubt be structures academic withdrawal for awhile.

I’ve wrapped up Cross Profession Ethics (Loved this class, very applicable to my program worked for that A), Management of Information Systems (Really? Hardly applicable to my program and did not need to work very hard for that A), and Culture, Society and Advanced Technology (Loved this class from a philosophical standpoint but had very little to do with my program. I did not work very hard for that A). All that remains is Legal Analysis and Writing, Legal Research, Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw.

“The Truly Educated never Graduate.” – Author Unknown

That supports my “life learner” sentiment.      😉