Juris Doctor 15 of 215

200 more weeks to go! Quite honestly, I’m really tired. I have essentially 3, maybe 4 days to work on a particular subject. So basically, I have 3 days to work on criminal law, 3 days to work on contract law, 3 days to work on torts, and 2 days to work on legal writing within an 11 day academic cycle called a module. As a 1st year law student, I have 30 academic cycles this year. That translates to 330 actual classroom days. There will be a total of 4 years at this pace and then I take the bar exam. If I don’t pull out all of my hair by then, it’s going to be really grey! Okay, enough whining and venting, time to take another deep breath and keep marching. After all, I’m only 3 months into my 1st year.