Juris Doctor 159 of 161: Not an Oncoming Train!

That light at the end of the tunnel I see is not an oncoming train, but the culmination of literally years worth of hard academic work. I’ve fantasized a bit on what my post doctoral program would be like and what lifestyle changes I would need to adjust for. For the first time in my life that I recall, since Kindergarten, I’ve been in a formal academic program spending hours upon hours each week researching, reading text books and related materials, writing essays and taking tests. In two weeks time, all of that will be done (for now). I say “for now” because I’m certain that I’ll find other intellectually stimulating pursuits that will help me maintain the “life learner” moniker I hold dear.

It has been years since I’ve read a book for diversion. My bookshelf has steadily expanded as I buy books that interest me saving them for this point when I knew I’d be picking them up again. It’s very exciting actually. I will finally complete the two books I have under copyright just waiting for the proper devotion I’ve not been able to give them and that is very thrilling too. I could go on but will save those details for another day.

My first final this week will be Legal Research, then Intellectual Property, Legal Analysis and Writing and finally Cyberlaw.

Wish me luck please!