Juris Doctor 17 of 215

Hooray for second winds! A few days out of the office surrounded by the ones I would slay dragons for has rejuvinated my haggard self. I’ll need to pick up the pace I think and regain my study buffer. Louise bought me a complete “California BAR Exam Audio Review” on CD. This is a complete set of 25 law subjects covering all the necessary topics for the California BAR exam. One might say that I am premature with wanting this, however, I would suggest, as is my strategy, that I will gradually work my way through the program during the next 198 weeks until it is time to actually take the California BAR exam. Over and over again I’ll listen during those moments in the rover, or office, or in line waiting for something. I’ll absorb the material. I only want to take that test once. I will take that test only once and nail it the first time. 62 percent of the first time attempts I hear are successful. I can not wait for week 216 to share in a victory dance, party, tequilla shot, or whatever seems to be an appropriate way to celebrate in February 2013.