Juris Doctor 21 of 215

I’ve gone into week 21 now. I still have a three day lead on classes across the board much to my satisfaction. I actually am beginning to feel like this stuff is beginning to make sense. Hooray for the home team. The only complaint from my family members has been the extra effort I needed to put into my studies when I got behind. It is all understandable. Between being a full time husband, father, Chief Information Security Officer, and first year law school student, I’m not going to stress about it too much. Everyone gets their fair share of Michael except for Michael. I can’t tell you the last time I felt like I had nothing to do, empty to-do list, errand, or some other diversion aside from what I need to do. You could argue that I don’t really need to become a doctor of law. That argument I would suggest is only good if a person does not aspire for anything beyond what they may have already accomplished to date. I recall an essay requirement for a bachelor level economics course that mandated we articulate our “retirement plan”. The professor was amused, impressed, and identified with my “anti-retirement plan” that I received a very solid A. My idea of retirement is taking longer vacations, but remaining relevant to society and the people I would slay dragons for.