Juris Doctor 81 of 215

I’ve enjoyed arguing a theoretical case this week concerning personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction. The case involved two companies incorporated in two different states, a situation where a third state attempted to latch onto the Defendant concerning an event that did not occur in that state and where neither Plaintiff nor the Defendant resides. An interesting twist to me is as it currently seems to pertain, to officially decide a case, a court must have a combination of subject (subjectam) and either personal (personam) or territorial (locum) jurisdiction. It behooves anyone who does business in other states or travels through a state to do business with a separated state to get familiar with jurisdiction. There are some very interesting facets that the Internet tosses in. (I would suggest also that where electronic commerce is concerned, you might want to verify the network traffic patters that may altogether bypass a state.) Hmmmm?

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