Juris Doctor 84 of 215

This has been a great week for me as it pertains to my legal studies. I love it when, pow, like a bolt of lightning struck my brain, epiphany strikes! I have been wrestling with my essays across the board. I manage to identify the issues and rules of law pretty well, but instead of providing a thorough analysis of why I consider the issues relevant, I’ve been more focused on the argument. That is not what these essays are about. I’ve been treating these things more like the courtroom and defending or prosecuting the parties, rather than discussing what is it about the fact pattern that makes me decide upon a certain rule of law. The interesting thing to mention is that arguments take up much more time and energy than does the analysis and exploration or situational understanding. Outside of law, I am also drawing parallels to interpersonal communication challenges that everyone works through. If we spent less time on argument and more time on understanding, the world would be a better place.