Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – 16

The Law of the Big MO: Momentum is a leader’s best friend. Why is momentum a leader’s best friend? Many times momentum is the only thing that makes the difference between losing and winning. Momentum is like a magnifying glass; it makes things look bigger than they really are. Even average people can perform far above average in an organization with great momentum. It takes a leader to create momentum. Leaders always find a way to make things happen.

I completely agree with this sentiment. I’ve seen the phenomenon in action and I’ve applied the principles in real life. The key and the real trick here is sustaining momentum. A leader cannot jump in, pep up the troops and walk away completely. If the leader does not have a genuine support structure underneath, who will continue the work? Who will sustain that momentum? The average person does not have the ability to maintain clear vision, to persist through adversity, to circumvent obstacles without the support of a commander to provide assurances that many people need to sustain momentum. The key element is the leader. The vision varies. The momentum is only achieved when that particular agenda is adopted by those who will be led and collectively harness that momentum through to fruition. The dark underbelly is of course that vision. Ignorance has it’s own leadership hierarchy unfortunately. I could keep going here but then the conservative right will get those undies in a twist and I’m not in the mood right now for another circular argument.

“You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own” – Eleanor Doan