On the edge of my seat.

The State Bar of California, October 2009, First Year Law Student Exam required that I sit in an uncomfortable chair for a total of seven hours with about two hundred of my Esquire Wanna-Bee comrades. The first four hours consisted of four essays. I had a situation dealing with a contract dispute between a wealthy person who was in the market for a $200,000 yacht. There was a tort problem concerning a minor with anger management problems, negligent parents, and the havoc inflicted upon a community. I analyzed a case dealing with the lack of honor among thieves, accidental death, solicitation and criminal intent. Finally, the remaining case I dissected concerned the tort of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and privacy for public figures and private people. When it came to the remaining three hours, the test consisted of one hundred multi-choice questions.

I’ll get my results in mid-December sometime I’m told. One point above the cut score gets me past this monster.

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