The Future of the Security Executive?

I was presented with a question this week that I thought was worth sharing. The question was “What you think information security executives will need to be focused on in the next 2 to 3 years in order for their organizations to be successful?”

I responded with these tasks-concepts that security executives must embrace:

  • Collaboration with other security practitioners: criminals work together and are winning. Security professionals must work together too. No single security probationer has all of the answers, but collectively we do!
  • Embrace IT security risk management: most security professionals do not know how to do it, let alone what it’s for officially. The business survival will depend on doing it right. It will also help shape the security executive into a business executive with security expertise which will become more and more important as the role evolves. It is abysmal when about 60% of all organizations don’t perform IT security risk assessments. Significantly more alarming is that about 67% of all security practitioners are not qualified to perform their duties.
  • Think globally: just the act of attaching your company to an Internet based service transforms that company into a global organization. The security executive must be knowledgeable about international law and procedures, cultural idiosyncrasies and multi-cultural team leadership.
  • Become a life learner: security does not stand still, business does not stand still, knowledge does not stand still and life does not stand still. There are only competitive advantages associated with expanding your intellect and capabilities.

What do you think? Do you disagree? I’d love to get your opinion.

Stay secure my friends!

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