The lines are blurring

The legal profession, in one form or another, as existed for thousands of years. As with any activity, experience and practice helps us become more proficient, more accurate, more profound. Information security and regulatory activities are relative newcomers in the holistic picture. These pursuits also require vigilance and practice. An interesting phenomenon I believe is occurring. I would suggest that the distinction or delineation between the activities of a legal practice, information security practice, and compliance-based regulatory activities are beginning to merge. It does take significant training and experience to become an expert represented of of both an information security practice as well as a legal practice. It takes less training and experience to become an expert on matters of compliance simply because, the demands are measured in small-scale versus the very large demands that are required to become proficient at law and information security. After many years in this business, I believe the lines are blurring between these disciplines. I began my career with information security. Regulatory demands had been added as a direct result of legal regulations that have been relaxed and subsequently taken advantage by less than ethical people. It has been becoming quite apparent to me that my cooperation and participation as a security practitioner (CISO) with lawyers and legal departments is increasing. This has led me to Law School. The lines are blurring and I will be ready to meet this new challenge. It seems that the world in a sense is shrinking, and nations are aligning more closely. I’m not sure if I will see a unified approach to government in my lifetime, but I do think it is quite possible and probable. I would like to help shape this new reality. I derive great satisfaction from protecting people with technology and I believe I will also enjoy protecting people as a lawyer. The lines are blurring I believe and I intend on bringing clarity to these endeavors that were once disparate, now close cousins.