The Security Trifecta – Governance Made Easy: CISO Executive Summit Keynote

The CISO Executive Summit 2013 – Minneapolis

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I enjoyed delivering the closing keynote at the CISO Executive Summit this year and getting the opportunity to collaborate, strategize and even in some cases, commiserate with my information security comrades from across the industry. The good folks at Evanta organized the event with direction from the event’s governing body. My sponsor was 21ct who offer some very compelling information security investigative analytical and fraud analysis capabilities that I’d recommend now having seen their products in action.

My presentation was The Security Trifecta – Governance Made Easy.

Every journey begins with knowing where you want to go. The same is true for building information security. A successful security program begins with a well-conceived governance framework. Policies, laws, rules and regulations drive the foundational work that IT security leaders build entire security programs upon. But many CISOs are burdened by the complexity of the task. Michael Peters feels that security is not as complicated as organizations think. Driven to dispel this myth, he developed a conceptual approach to strong information security which he calls the “Security Trifecta.” Join this enlightening session as Peters delves into the three pragmatic steps that foster the development of a simple, efficient security program.

If you have the chance to attend an Evanta event, you will not be disappointed!