Wagging the Dog

Communicating effectively is a real challenge for everyone I believe. There are so many unique attributes each and every one of us possess shaping our disposition, opinion, choices, and affecting exchanges. When we communicate with others, it seems to me that if we could just paint a mental picture, it would say a thousand words more effectively than we, the brutes who blather away. Some common elements that should never be overlooked when attempting to sway favor with the mob would be a setting at a particular time and a particular place, add a bit of humanity to encourage sympathy, add in some familiar component of reality that others listening will identify with. Use simple, disarming language to speak to every member of your audience. Try to use a wee bit of visual language to help your audience form the minds-eye picture you want them to fixate inside their brains. Weave into your conveyance the importance of the event, the magnitude or importance they must realize and agree to in principle. Finally, you must avoid using argumentative characterizations in an attempt to persuade your listeners. The mob is fickle and their attention wanes quickly. If you give them something to remember, that visual image to fixate upon, your point will last longer than just fear mongering alone.

“I have no scenes to help me, and no words are written for me to say. There is no back-cloth to increase the illusion. There is no curtain. But out of the vivid, living dream of somebody else’s life I have to create an atmosphere – for that is advocacy.” Sir Edward Marshall Hall

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