What Is OCTAVE and OCTAVE Allegro?

The importance of risk management cannot be overstated… and yet, many enterprises struggle with the practice due to a lack of standardization or expertise. And while the challenges that businesses face implementing risk management are understandable, they are no longer acceptable.  This article will provide an in-depth overview of OCTAVE Allegro, a framework developed to… Read More

What Is the Information Security Risk Management Process of ISO 27005?

Businesses undergoing ISO certification are probably aware of the 27000 series and its focus on comprehensive cybersecurity. What many organizations don’t know, however, is that the series itself provides guidelines for risk managers to better implement Information Security Management Systems (the core process of ISO 27001) following best risk management practices.   

What Is NIST 800-161?

With modern IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, intertwined systems managed through service providers and managing experts, the inevitable security problem rears its head. How can one organization, using several service providers, ensure their data security as it travels through those systems? Over the past decade, enterprise and government specialists have refined the practice of risk… Read More

Why Consider Standards-Based Risk Management?

We’ve previously discussed the importance of risk management, and the challenges that come from approaching risk through large-scale frameworks. According to an abstract framework, many organizations aren’t necessarily equipped to mobilize far-ranging risk assessments.  Here, we’ll discuss a compromise to combine the best of both worlds: standards-based risk management.  

What Is Risk?

Part 1: Risk and Security in Modern Systems “Risk “is a term gaining real traction in any industry where cybersecurity regulations impact businesses. Many frameworks and regulations are turning to risk management as a proactive and comprehensive approach to security management. This shift can mean big changes for enterprises that aren’t generally considering risk as… Read More

What is ISO 31000?

Many enterprises are looking for ways to increase their security and to protect their interests. As the world of cybersecurity, legal risk and operational challenges become more and more complex, checklist compliance regulations just aren’t going to cut it. That’s why governments and private organizations are increasingly turning to risk management as a tool for… Read More