Human Nature – The Proverbial Thorn in the CISO’s Keaster!

While pondering the recent Target and Neiman Marcus breaches and many of those that have come before, I cannot help myself but to look for common denominators. If you compare these companies to your house, there are doors and windows that allow movement into and out of those houses. If you open a window and it… Read More

The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Why Cyber-criminals are Winning.

I could tell you about the most recent incidents of cyber threats in the news, but with the explosion of cyber threats there would be little value in citing just a couple of cases. The shocking reality is that there have been literally thousands of actual breaches that have NOT been reported to law enforcement in just… Read More

Symbiotic Mutualism: A BYOD Love Story

The mass proliferation of consumer computing devices is in full force with only escalation on the horizon before us and any technologist who thinks that they can stop it or officially banish it from their little kingdoms should think again. Those troglodytes will only lead a frustrating existence in a world where resistance is truly… Read More