Demise of the Mighty Merchant: rampant credit card fraud and what to do about it.

In the aftermath of a payment card breach, as fraudsters race to exploit the stolen information, card issuers and affected customers take steps to mitigate risks and card processing merchants brace for impact as litigation costs increase and stock values decrease. We have even seen top executives lose their jobs over cyber breaches.

Card issuers will work to determine the entity that was breached and which cards were compromised. After learning they are affected, consumers will take steps to protect themselves, such as signing up for credit monitoring services, watching their monthly statements or worse, subscribing to impotent identity theft services. Meanwhile, the fraudsters will work fast to test the stolen account data to ensure card numbers are still valid and then sell the credentials on online card forums.

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The following infographic looks at the lifecycle of a payment card breach from these perspectives.