Is Anyone Exempt From Cyber-Crime Anymore?

crimeWith a show of those virtual hands, who has been notified by their credit card company about their personal information being exposed to cyber-crime? Now, with a show of those virtual hands; who has never been notified?

If you think the problem is that cyber criminals are too good; you are mistaken. The problem is that companies protecting your personal information are not doing enough to be better. It is not too difficult to be proactive and prevent cyber-crime. It is not too difficult to deter cyber-criminals. It takes Vigilance-Technology-Governance (aka. The Security Trifecta) coupled with qualified security practitioners to effectively implement the controls and countermeasures.

Cyber-criminals are increasingly working in teams because one person does not have all of the answers, but collectively teams tend to. The same scenarios applies to security and risk professionals fighting the good fight. We are better when we work as a team.

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