Resistance is NOT Futile for Cyber Insurance Casualty Insurers.

addecc6ccaf0dbb2d9187aef32e0220cIf you think that the business general liability or even purpose built cyber insurance policies will cover you in the event of a cyber-security breach, it’s highly likely you are mistaken. In fact, it is in your carriers best business interest to deny your claim.

Chances are the exemptions in your policy exclude coverage for access to or disclosure of confidential or personal information which accounts for the majority of claims. Cyber criminals are in it for profit which means they are going after confidential or personal information.

Insurance claims are being denied when breaches occur as the result of hackers exploiting commonly known security vulnerabilities which amounts to negligence on the insured. When on average 96% of all breaches are avoidable, the only thing that stands between being breached and having your cyber insurance claim denied is the effective implementation of controls and countermeasures from taking a Proactive Cyber Security approach.

Lazarus Alliance is Proactive Cyber Security™