Juris Doctor 59 of 215

I’m clearly behind in my blogging activity in general. It has been a whirlwind two weeks getting settled, comfortably I might add,  into my new position as Chief Security Officer for Fifth Third Processing Solutions. An interesting and fortuitous event occurred during my first week on the job. Execurtive leadership added physical security to my job description, thus the change in title from  Chief Information Security Officer to Chief Security Officer. I am very happy about this modification as anyone who knows me might surmise, it’s adding more spooky big brother to the resume.

On the life learner side of the house, I’ve been reviewing my outlines for torts, contracts, and criminal law like a pseudo madman. I say pseudo simply because I would have liked to devote more time to it but, Geez, someone only invented the twenty-four hour day instead of the fourty-eight hour day.

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