PCI – The Supermassive Small Merchant Black Hole

Existing in the commerce galaxy, the vast majority of merchants are doing “traveling” or business without proper safety controls or rather, information security controls in place. While I know of no single solution or silver bullet that can be purchased or leveraged to ensure absolute information security, there are many ways your store and customer… Read More

Consumer Reality Check – Lifting the Veil on PCI DSS

I read an article entitled “Global Payments has some explaining to do” (Source: CSO) today and there were some interesting points made by Bill Brenner, managing editor of CSO. He asked specifically, “How on Earth were they designated PCI compliant in the first place? What were the specific actions they took to improve security and… Read More

Dropbox? More Like Dropball!

There has been a putative class action complaint filed on June 22, 2011, in the United States District Court, for the Northern District of California alleging that the popular cloud-based storage provider Dropbox, Inc. failed to secure its users’ private data or to notify the vast majority of them about a recent data breach.  According… Read More

Juris Doctor 59 of 215

I’m clearly behind in my blogging activity in general. It has been a whirlwind two weeks getting settled, comfortably I might add,  into my new position as Chief Security Officer for Fifth Third Processing Solutions. An interesting and fortuitous event occurred during my first week on the job. Execurtive leadership added physical security to my job… Read More

CSO at Fifth Third Processing Solutions

We are on the move! I’ve accepted and am very excited about joining Fifth Third Processing Solutions, a joint partnership between Advent International and Fifth Third Bank. I will be their Chief Security Officer leading the Information Security and Physical Security departments and based in Cincinnati Ohio. I resigned my position with BB&T, formerly Colonial… Read More