As we approach retail’s favorite season, I have the unique perspective of being concerned about information security as both the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a commerce software company and as a customer to a plethora of retailers — some who are clients and others who are not. In effect, I’m wearing two… Read More

Dropbox? More Like Dropball!

There has been a putative class action complaint filed on June 22, 2011, in the United States District Court, for the Northern District of California alleging that the popular cloud-based storage provider Dropbox, Inc. failed to secure its users’ private data or to notify the vast majority of them about a recent data breach.  According… Read More

Juris Doctor 85 of 215

So I’ve been spending a bit of time with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and I of course look for connections to the activities I’m involved in such as my day job as Chief Information Security Officer. A trend that I’ve commentated upon heavily over the past two years concentrates on what is being… Read More

Daily Digest for September 2nd

mdpeters @CDMmedia looking for Cloud Computing standards? Check out opencloudconsortium.org. Don’t relegate security to the dust bin, get educated! [#]. mdpeters Cloud Computing: Would you go to your wedding without knowing who is under the vail? Know your potential SaaS provider intimately first. [#]. mdpeters New blog post: Enclaves of Technical Excellence https://michaelpeters.org/?p=786 [#]. mdpeters… Read More

Daily Digest for August 31st

mdpeters When business and information security are aligned, the true value of security will be apparent. [#]. mdpeters In the debate concerning insider versus outsider information security threats, consider any connection to data as an outsider threat. [#]. mdpeters @CDMmedia BI education seems to be the biggest utilization hurdle. This is true holistically, not just… Read More

Cloud Computing: Part 2

Internet information exchange and commerce has matured to the point that we cannot imagine how we would run our businesses without technology anymore. We have created elaborate systems and constructed solid disaster recovery and business continuity mechanisms to protect our digital assets. Until recently, these Internet facing systems have resided on dedicated computers that we… Read More

Cloud Computing, AKA SaaS

Synopsis: The effective weak link of cloud computing: An oversight by a single vendor creates a single point of failure that can have devastating effects on an untold number of its customers. Commentary: Cloud computing is Internet based development and use of computer technology. It is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and… Read More