Privacy Piracy Host, Mari Frank, Esq. Interviews Michael Peters

PRIVACY PIRACY HOST, MARI FRANK, ESQ. INTERVIEWS MICHAEL PETERS MONDAY AUGUST 25TH, 2014, AT 8AM PACIFIC TIME ON KUCI 88.9 FM IN IRVINE AND STREAMING ON WWW.KUCI.ORG   MICHAEL PETERS will discuss the following topics and more! Lazarus Alliance Information Security Biggest Threat to our Global Community Don’t miss this fascinating interview with MICHAEL PETERS !   Here’s some background information about this… Read More

Devil’s Due Diligence: Why your ignorance is not bliss!

  Congratulations! Felicitaciones! Mazel Tov! Gratulerer! You have been offered a new job! What a relief it’s been since your prospective employer has been putting you through the meat grinder for months. You’ve had a string of interviews that have left you exhausted and nearly breathless given you’ve been nearly holding your breath and sitting ridged… Read More

The New Social Security: When Social Media Meets Social Engineering

The convergence is upon us all; this influx of technology intermingled with information infused now in every possible facet of our business and personal lives. We live in the presence of infinite possibilities through technology. Business is being propelled into new trajectories never before possible. Out social spheres and human interpersonal interactions have all been… Read More

Re-post: Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?

Mixing social media and on-the-job duties can be a win-win. Or not. I wanted to share an excellent article concerning an emerging issue in the workplace concerning employees with strong personal brands and potential conflicts with corporate needs and expectations. The original article is here: Personally, I considered it an excellent thought-provoking article! It points… Read More


  As we approach retail’s favorite season, I have the unique perspective of being concerned about information security as both the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a commerce software company and as a customer to a plethora of retailers — some who are clients and others who are not. In effect, I’m wearing two… Read More

Meet the Candidate for Your ISSA International Board of Directors – Michael Peters

Elections for the 2012 International Board of Directors are now going on! I am a candidate for the two-year term and I would appreciate your vote as an ISSA member in good standing. There are 13 candidates vying for 5 director positions. About Me I have been an independent information security consultant, executive, researcher, author, and… Read More

Juris Doctor 134 of 161 – AKA Citizen Journalists … Not!

There has been an interesting ruling this week issued by the New Jersey’s Supreme Court concerning journalist source protections and the delineation between who may be able to claim the protections granted journalists. The Court ruled that bloggers and online posters don’t have the same protections for sources as mainstream journalists do. While I certainly… Read More

The Weakest Link

I recently ran across a memorandum by the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that states: “Narcissistic tendencies in many people fuels a need to have a large group of ‘friends’ link to their pages and many of these people accept cyber-friends that they don’t even know. This provides an excellent vantage point for the… Read More

Juris Doctor 117 of 161

I am definitely having fun with my Cyberspace Law class this term. The course concludes this December so I have the rest of the year to immerse myself into a synergistic subject area. It is widely held that in general, lawyer’s knowledge about computers, and predictions they make about new technology, are highly likely to… Read More

Weekly Digest for July 1st

mdpeters New blog post: Weekly Digest for June 24th [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Retail Execs – Social Media: The Argument For and Against! [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Blog Updates Retail Execs Social Media: The Argument For and Against! [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Unsubscribe! ! [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 2 items. User:Spat User:Spat mdpeters New blog post:… Read More

Retail Execs – Social Media: The Argument For and Against!

An interesting discussion was initiated on the Retail Execs group concerning social media and business value. I couldn’t resist jumping into the fray with this comment: “Paradigm shifts always make a segment of the population uncomfortable. This resistance to change intrigues me. Every advancement collectively we make in thought, in process, in technology, in… Read More

Weekly Digest for June 17th

mdpeters New blog post: Weekly Digest for June 10th [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Blog Updates Weekly Digest for June 10th – mdpeters Blog Updates The not-so-funny thing about passwords There is an… [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – 9 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters Blog Updates Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of… Read More

Spin cycle

Social media has provided the conduit for any single human to broadcast any message potentially towards a global audience. Within the average twenty-four hour mainstream media cycle, the amateur media cycle occurs exponentially more rapidly. This kinetic potential encompasses the electronic globe in seconds. It has nothing to do with some technical savvy or ability… Read More