Privacy Piracy Host, Mari Frank, Esq. Interviews Michael Peters

PRIVACY PIRACY HOST, MARI FRANK, ESQ. INTERVIEWS MICHAEL PETERS MONDAY AUGUST 25TH, 2014, AT 8AM PACIFIC TIME ON KUCI 88.9 FM IN IRVINE AND STREAMING ON WWW.KUCI.ORG   MICHAEL PETERS will discuss the following topics and more! Lazarus Alliance Information Security Biggest Threat to our Global Community Don’t miss this fascinating interview with MICHAEL PETERS !   Here’s some background information about this… Read More

Failure to Communicate: Pending US Congressional Orwellian Bills Threaten the Internet

In the spirit of the holiday season, three wise men, actually law professors, following an analysis, are warning that the proposed intellectual property PROTECT IP (Source: PROTECT IP) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (Source SOPA) legislation, currently working their way through Congress, will damage the world’s DNS system, cripple attempts to get better… Read More

Daily Digest for October 30th

mdpeters New blog post: Daily Digest for October 29th [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 12 items. Police log ‘domestic extremists’ Government to protect children from zombie paedophiles EU – Telecoms: Commission steps up UK legal action over privacy and personal data protection ISP Threatens Legal Action Against UK Over Anti-Piracy Plans Mandelson’s piracy tactics leave Tories… Read More

Daily Digest for October 26th

mdpeters New blog post: Daily Digest for October 25th [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Juris Doctor 60 of 215 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 4 items. BBC News: Europe backs down on piracy plans AU – ACS gives conditional thumbs up to internet filtering EU Parliament drew back from file-sharer demands over legal uncertainty New… Read More

Daily Digest for October 24th

mdpeters New blog post: Juris Doctor 59 of 215 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 12 items. Proposed Anti-Piracy Legislation is Flawed, ISP Says Government outlines increased penalties for data misuse Parliamentary Comms Group Says ‘No’ to UK 3-Strikes 70% of British Public Oppose Disconnecting File-Sharers YouTube: Celebrating free expression 20 years after the fall of the… Read More

Daily Digest for September 17th

mdpeters posted 6 items. Lily Allen hits out at file sharers as Tories mock government plans France Passes New 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Bill EU Commission sets up piracy monitor but rejects copyright reform UK lawyer threatens Facebook, mulls action against ISPs to block defamation Web Censoring Widens Across Southeast Asia ISP Appeals Decision Forcing it… Read More