Meet the Candidate for Your ISSA International Board of Directors – Michael Peters

Elections for the 2012 International Board of Directors are now going on! I am a candidate for the two-year term and I would appreciate your vote as an ISSA member in good standing. There are 13 candidates vying for 5 director positions.

About Me

I have been an independent information security consultant, executive, researcher, author, and catalyst with many years of information technology and business leadership experience. My current and previous executive positions include CSO, CISO and advising CIO.

I am a current member of the Metro Atlanta and Kentuckiana ISSA chapters, a founding member and past president of the Kentuckiana and Montgomery ISSA chapters.

From a credential perspective, I hold an Executive Juris Doctor in Cyberspace Law; a certified MBA, undergraduate in IT Security, CISSP, CRISC, CISM, CCE, CMBA, SCSA, an ISSA Fellow and ISSA Hall of Fame recipient.

In the realm of thought leadership, I am the author of “Securing the C Level”, “Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified”, “The Security Trifecta”, and thousands of blogging, tweeting, social media networking and professional network syndication and industry feature publications. I have contributed significantly towards curriculum development as adjunct and professional certifications in security, technology, cyber-law, and privacy.

As a highly accomplished senior IT corporate officer and recognized international expert in IT operations, systems, data, and network security, risk and privacy, I have already proven my leadership capabilities to many Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies.

My Statement of Goals

As a candidate for ISSA International Director, I Michael Peters, state the following as personal goals if elected:

1.    I will continue to promote the education of and help expand the knowledge and skills of not only ISSA members in the interrelated fields of information systems security and information data processing, but also other individuals who are interested in or dependent upon information security.

2.    I will continue to encourage a free exchange of information security techniques, approaches, problem solving, and philosophy not only between ISSA members, but also other individuals who are interested in or dependent upon information security.

3.    I will continue to provide adequate communication to keep not only ISSA members abreast of current events in information processing and security which can be beneficial to them and their employers, but also other individuals who are interested in or dependent upon information security.

4.    I will continue to communicate to management and to systems and information processing professionals the importance of establishing controls necessary to ensure the secure organization and utilization of information processing resources.

5.    I will continue to represent myself honorably as an ISSA Fellow and any other duty, position or honor bestowed upon me by my ISSA constituents.

Thank you for your vote!