The New Social Security: When Social Media Meets Social Engineering

The convergence is upon us all; this influx of technology intermingled with information infused now in every possible facet of our business and personal lives. We live in the presence of infinite possibilities through technology. Business is being propelled into new trajectories never before possible. Out social spheres and human interpersonal interactions have all been… Read More

Reasonable Duty of Care: Data Security and Privacy

You’ve see it in the news all too frequently now in our technologically interconnected world; companies are being breached seemingly at-will by hackers, malicious insiders, competing company entities, and nation states. The terrible truth is that companies and consumers are losing the battle. The cost of these breaches is rising as consumers are beginning to… Read More

Meet the Candidate for Your ISSA International Board of Directors – Michael Peters

Elections for the¬†2012 International Board of Directors are now going on! I am a candidate for the two-year term and I would appreciate your vote as an ISSA member in good standing. There are 13 candidates vying for 5 director positions. About Me I have been an independent information security consultant, executive, researcher, author, and… Read More

CIO Finance Summit Closure

It is always good to visit with the folks from CDM Media in Scottsdale Arizona. I was invited to participate in a CIO Panel Discussion titled: “Security, Encryption and Fraud: Future proofing the banking system and ensuring greater consumer protection.” Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director, Security & Risk Management with EMA moderated. Mike Kearn, ISO… Read More