Spin cycle

Social media has provided the conduit for any single human to broadcast any message potentially towards a global audience. Within the average twenty-four hour mainstream media cycle, the amateur media cycle occurs exponentially more rapidly. This kinetic potential encompasses the electronic globe in seconds. It has nothing to do with some technical savvy or ability one possesses over the other, but obstacles such as business models, proofing, sourcing, quality control, and audience all govern the flow of electronic news information.

People will not be thwarted in the consumption or dissemination of information. The more tantalizing, the more proliferated the information becomes. For the people who stifle libel, this form of defamation is an emerging and increasing challenge. One only has to turn on any reality show or tabloid on the grocer’s shelf to get distaste for what I’m referring to. These people are generally celebrity status types and don’t really equally reflect the average individual or even company in some instances. It can all be measured by social volume. The more exposed the more media volume you experience.

Taking control of the scoop may be the best approach. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense right? You are either technologically savvy enough alone or enlisting the services of professional spinsters is a prudent course of action. It is virtually impossible to put Pandora back into her box, so why not spin the story your way instead? If opinion and reputation matters, build your case just the same, broadcast your message louder, with authority! Chances are that the deluge created by your own spin cycle will drown out the one created by the opposition.

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