Retail Execs – Social Media: The Argument For and Against!

An interesting discussion was initiated on the Retail Execs group concerning social media and business value. I couldn’t resist jumping into the fray with this comment:

“Paradigm shifts always make a segment of the population uncomfortable. This resistance to change intrigues me. Every advancement collectively we make in thought, in process, in technology, in philosophy, etc. brings a positive facet and a negative one. Social media is no exception. I for one, strive to embrace change rather than fear change. What should be an obvious fact to everyone is that we cannot and should not attempt to stifle change, but learn about it, become leaders in it, and do our best to manage it wisely. This change philosophy is applicable to the individual and global collective equally.”

You can follow this discussion on here.

I hope I never turn myself into a time capsule or walk into that cave never to come out again. The world is much too interesting to shut my mind off to it. Kick me if I start to exhibit signs of doing so please.