MENA ISC 2012 – The Security Trifecta™

It’s off to Amman Jordan today to spend the week at the Middle East North Africa Information Security Conference (MENA ISC 2012) where I’ll be presenting The Security Trifecta: Information Security by the Numbers. The concept is an accessible and highly sustainable pragmatic approach toward achieving enterprise security; both physical and digital.

The Security Trifecta approach is one I’ve written about in books, discussed in industry publications, and of course, blogged about. My most recent book

Governance Documentation and Information Technology Security Policies Demystified gives the reader an overview. I am currently working on a comprehensive book that takes a deep dive and fully lays out The Security Trifecta™ to the reader.

As the week progresses, I’ll try to provide MENA ISC 2012 updates here and in my other social and professional networks.