Daily Digest for August 2nd

mdpeters: New blog post: Laws of Power – 23 https://michaelpeters.org/?p=682 [#] — 8:42pm via Twitter Feed mdpeters posted Sample On Premise Wireless Access Technology Guideline — 11:01am via HORSE Project mdpeters posted Documents — 11:04am via HORSE Project mdpeters posted Infrastructure Best Practice Configuration Samples: — 11:15am via HORSE Project mdpeters: Torts Substantive Review—Strict Liability… Read More

Sam Snyder

I recently became aware of Sam Snyder who has taken in interest in indexing what he deems as successful professionals. His blog is here: http://www.bigwinner.org/about/. He created a web site that is one of the world’s most extensive sources of advice and insights from top entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. It’s located at: http://www.bigwinner.org I appreciate… Read More

Juris Doctor 25 of 215

Still marching on in Law School! I feel like I have found my groove and at the moment, a manageable schedule that permits me to balance life. On a related note, I have added a bit of IT Law and IT Governance to the HORSE Project recently. Browse on over to http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/Law and http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/The_Defense_of_a_Computer_Crime_Case to check the… Read More

Policies, standards, and Guidlines, Oh My!

  My pet project for the past three years has been the Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation wiki, otherwise known as the HORSE Project. In addition to some great audit guidance, security advice, tools, ect, there is a full compliment of policies to use as boilerplates for any organization. Find it all here: http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/ It… Read More