What Is Configuration Management?

Part of managing system compliance is ensuring that each system meets a minimum standard. Beyond this relatively straightforward component of the process, almost every compliance process includes other ongoing tasks, including risk assessment and configuration management.  What is configuration management, exactly? These compliance frameworks will often refer to it, but implementing a management policy is… Read More


I’m excited to announce that the Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation (HORSE) project wiki has surpassed the 1 million mark in page views by subscribers like you. If you don’t know what the HORSE Project is, browse on over to the site and see why it is one of the best, freely available authorities in… Read More

A horse by any other name ….

If I were to be asked by anyone which volunteer activity I am most proud of, it would be my brain-child pet project known globally as the HORSE Project. The Holistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation (HORSE) project has been a four year commitment to the education, enlightenment, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and awareness of the global… Read More

Juris Doctor 25 of 215

Still marching on in Law School! I feel like I have found my groove and at the moment, a manageable schedule that permits me to balance life. On a related note, I have added a bit of IT Law and IT Governance to the HORSE Project recently. Browse on over to http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/Law and http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/The_Defense_of_a_Computer_Crime_Case to check the… Read More