CIO Finance Summit Closure

It is always good to visit with the folks from CDM Media in Scottsdale Arizona. I was invited to participate in a CIO Panel Discussion titled: “Security, Encryption and Fraud: Future proofing the banking system and ensuring greater consumer protection.” Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director, Security & Risk Management with EMA moderated. Mike Kearn, ISO… Read More

Daily Digest for September 2nd

mdpeters @CDMmedia looking for Cloud Computing standards? Check out Don’t relegate security to the dust bin, get educated! [#]. mdpeters Cloud Computing: Would you go to your wedding without knowing who is under the vail? Know your potential SaaS provider intimately first. [#]. mdpeters New blog post: Enclaves of Technical Excellence [#]. mdpeters… Read More

Daily Digest for August 31st

mdpeters When business and information security are aligned, the true value of security will be apparent. [#]. mdpeters In the debate concerning insider versus outsider information security threats, consider any connection to data as an outsider threat. [#]. mdpeters @CDMmedia BI education seems to be the biggest utilization hurdle. This is true holistically, not just… Read More

Daily Digest for August 15th

mdpeters Seven hours of first year law school final examinations today. Wish me luck. [#]. mdpeters BB&T to buy Colonial bank: [#]. mdpeters With the apparent failure of my employer, Colonial Bank, I’m looking for a new CISO job. Any help is appreciated. [#]. mdpeters @stevesedberry maybe I’m working too hard? Did the MBA… Read More

The lines are blurring

The legal profession, in one form or another, as existed for thousands of years. As with any activity, experience and practice helps us become more proficient, more accurate, more profound. Information security and regulatory activities are relative newcomers in the holistic picture. These pursuits also require vigilance and practice. An interesting phenomenon I believe is… Read More