Would you buy a car without seat belts?

Recent headlines said, “Network ransacked in huge brute-force attack” (Source: The Register) and “Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites” (Source: Huffington Post) among many other security and privacy news that fill the news outlets every time I look and listen. The problem is not some new phenomenon, but one that continues to… Read More

The Death of Privacy?

Today, I propose we declare the death of privacy. In our technically advancing world, our personal privacy expectations must be reconsidered, re-conceived and redefined. We all expose ourselves through swipes, transactions, likes and tweets. Through handsets, television sets and mindsets, we voluntarily add our behavioral attributes to the associated handlers of our digital DNA almost… Read More

FTC Proposes Significant Changes to the Online Collection of Information from Children rule

The Federal Trade Commission (“Commission”) released on September 15, 2011, its long-awaited proposed amendments to its rule implementing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA Rule”). They are accepting comments until November 28, 2011. The Commission is proposing modifications to the COPPA Rule in three key facets:

Expanding Security Breach Notification Requirements in California

A new amendment to California’s security breach notification law will raise the stakes for businesses required to give notice of a data security breach affecting California residents. California Senate Bill 24 (“SB 24”), signed by Governor Brown on August 31, 2011, imposes detailed new requirements for the content of security breach notices. Significantly, SB 24… Read More

Geolocational Privacy and Surveillance Act – First Blush

The law does not lead, it follows. Our system is very reactive in nature. It tends to change, without my surprise, like people generally do as a direct result to negative events or influences. Smokers quit following the heart attack and our legal system create laws based upon past events. GPS technology has been around… Read More

Dropbox? More Like Dropball!

There has been a putative class action complaint filed on June 22, 2011, in the United States District Court, for the Northern District of California alleging that the popular cloud-based storage provider Dropbox, Inc. failed to secure its users’ private data or to notify the vast majority of them about a recent data breach.  According… Read More

Weekly Digest for March 24th

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Juris Doctor 118-119 of 161

While I was doing some research on consumer protections in my Cyberspace Law class, I encountered the following policy that is certainly on the horizon for consumer protections. You can find the original press release here: Commercial Data Privacy and Innovation in the Internet Economy: A Dynamic Policy Framework, The Department of Commerce internet policy… Read More

Congratulations Your New Expinfo Account is Approved.

I received a confirmation message this morning though email from a company called Expinfo. Dear MICHAEL D, You have successfully registered with Expinfo Inc. Following are your Login details. I’ve never done business with, contacted, or knew these scoundrels existed but apparently, my alter impersonated expinfo-ego created an account and emailed me the credentials. This… Read More

Juris Doctor 117 of 161

I am definitely having fun with my Cyberspace Law class this term. The course concludes this December so I have the rest of the year to immerse myself into a synergistic subject area. It is widely held that in general, lawyer’s knowledge about computers, and predictions they make about new technology, are highly likely to… Read More

How E-Commerce Apps Are Putting Your Site at Risk

Article Reprint: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/How-E-Commerce-Apps-Are-Putting-Your-Site-at-Risk-70964.html?wlc=1286281687&wlc=1286300892 Many developers do not overlook security on purpose; it’s just that the focus is usually on feature and functionality, not the nuts and bolts of building a secure software application. These technical oversights can leave a relatively easy opening for attackers to leverage. Cross-site scripting or data source injection are the most… Read More

Juris Doctor 86 of 215

Anyone who knows me is aware of a penchant for surveillance technology that spans three decades now. I periodically refresh my legal knowledge in this space in an effort to keep abreast of State and Federal statues involving electronic surveillance. Recently, I added some updates to the HORSE Project Wiki located here: http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/18_USC_2518, and http://lazarusalliance.com/horsewiki/index.php/USAM_9-7.200… Read More

Juris Doctor 85 of 215

So I’ve been spending a bit of time with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and I of course look for connections to the activities I’m involved in such as my day job as Chief Information Security Officer. A trend that I’ve commentated upon heavily over the past two years concentrates on what is being… Read More

Weekly Digest for March 18th

mdpeters New blog post: Weekly Digest for March 11th https://michaelpeters.org/?p=1338 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Now Reading: Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – 2 https://michaelpeters.org/?p=1354 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters New blog post: Juris Doctor 78 of 215 https://michaelpeters.org/?p=1359 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 12 items. File:Intelligent-File-Transfer.pdf Getting it Right in Records Management Legal-Technology White Papers Legal-Technology White Papers Manage Document… Read More

Juris Doctor 77 of 215

I’ve been examining the principles of criminal procedures today. Specifically arrest, search, and seizure. One of my favorite facets concerns what is known as “Protected Areas and Interests.” The reason for my fascination with this specifically concerns wiretapping and eavesdropping, the applicable laws, and court interpretations. Wiretapping or eavesdropping is the listening in on conversations… Read More

Daily Digest for November 17th

mdpeters posted 13 items. Terrorism chiefs don’t know what they’ve censored online CN – Chinas Censorship 2.0: How companies censor bloggers New Internet Treaty Alarms Online Freedom Advocates Home Office accused of sexing-up mobile phone rescue WTO May Challenge Internet Censorship ICO chastises NHS over data losses Swiss roll Street View into court IGF censors… Read More

Daily Digest for November 4th

mdpeters posted 7 items. US Ruling Likely to Upset Obscenity Prosecutions TalkTalk steps up attack on government Illegal file-sharing sites up 300 per cent China Bans ‘Pornographic’ Online Literature Good online music services would beat punishment, say file-sharers Facebook publishes natural language privacy policy for user-consultation Response to The Register story entitled “Turkey censors Reg… Read More

Daily Digest for November 3rd

mdpeters New blog post: Daily Digest for November 2nd https://michaelpeters.org/?p=977 [obDADkenobi]. mdpeters posted 6 items. US Ruling Likely to Upset Obscenity Prosecutions TalkTalk steps up attack on government Illegal file-sharing sites up 300 per cent China Bans ‘Pornographic’ Online Literature Good online music services would beat punishment, say file-sharers Facebook publishes natural language privacy policy… Read More